The wait for Final Fantasy 15 on the PC has been long, following many conversations about optimization, modification support and cooler hair. If you’ve waited fifteen months to play this action-themed travel RPG, it looks fantastic and arrives more fully than on consoles.

Final Fantasy 15 represents a major transformation for the series. While previous entries are best known for turn-based combat, or in real time with a complex strategic layer in the case of FF12, this is a pure and very simple action RPG. His character, Noctis, walks in a car with his three friends for most of the game. You can make side discussions, hunt specific creatures and face dungeons that unlock new weapons. The second half of the game is more linear, which does not play the game’s strengths. The FF15 is at its best when it focuses on the idea of ​​a trip between four friends.

In addition to including all console upgrades, the Windows Edition comes with all the DLC released so far (the three standalone episodes of Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis characters, as well as the multiplayer update Comrades) and many graphical updates. You also got a more embellished end than the other platforms originally, making what was a hurried closure chapter for a more satisfying climax.

The cruise is one of the best parts of the game in terms of discrete characterization and worldwide construction. Rather than being a segment in which you will want to change the list, although there is something to be said for alt-tabbing over a ten-minute drive to a more like destination – the journey is a crucial part of the experience, even if the actual driving part is guided and very beautiful (although you can take the Regalia off-road at a certain point). This allows you to see small animations and small interactions between the crew while traveling. They emphasize this feeling of a road trip, a camaraderie among friends.


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