Resident Evil 2 brings back the classic terror, tense exploration and puzzles that defined the series which in my opinion was the best of Resident Evil. This remake will put the player next to Leon Kennedy and student Claire Redfield who end up joining after an outbreak spreads in Raccoon City, turning the entire population into deadly zombies. Both Leon and Cleir have their separate campaigns as in the original, allowing players to see the story from their perspective. The fate of these two characters is in the hands of the players.


What will change, however, is the fixed-camera scheme that marked the epoch in the classic Resident Evil titles  . Made in the new RE Engine, which gave life to  Resident Evil 7,  Resident Evil 2 Remake  adopts the camera on the character’s shoulder, as happened and was inaugurated by  Resident Evil 4 .


Better than just confirming that  Resident Evil 2 Remake  will be released on January 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Anyone at E3 2018 can test a demo version of the game at the Capcom booth.


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